Dear Students,

Warm Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ.        

philsikThis is time to enjoy with you Jesus Christ’s wonderful Word and vision that you will share in your future. We offer you one of the most challenging series of studies in divine theology that has ever been attempted in the world of interpretation of the Holy Word of the living God since the dark ages.  

We believe in continuing our legacy of equipping Christians for the future. Here at UTS you will learn to utilize the materials Christ has provided to become a faithful disciple who recognizes scripture truth in your daily life and follows the suffering way of Christ. Every student will get a needful wisdom in order to become a spiritual leader in a secular and various society of the 21st  century.       

UTS seeks students who appreciate the breadth and depth of issues facing the world today and the necessity of godly wisdom in dealing with them. Whether you wish to teach or counsel or pastor, whatever gifts you have to develop, you are sure to find at UTS a supportive community of brothers and sisters joined in Christian love, united in their aim of glorifying God.       &nbsp ;

As The United States of America is rapidly becoming a nation of many different cultures, religious and racial-ethnic communities, UTS is a unique position to train strong leadership that will lead the churches to become communities of reconciliation and healing in a global society which see ms to be torn apart by cultural, religious, racial and generational conflicts.         

UTS will encourage you to come and be part of the worldwide ministry which God has so wonderfully entrusted in our hands. May the Holy Spirit lead you and guide you as you fulfill your aims and purposes by completing the legal requirements that can culminate in your receiving an earned degree from United Theological Seminary.   Sincerely in Christ

Jesus Our Lord,        

Dr. Phil Kim,  Th. D. President