President: Dr. Phil Kim 
Chancellor: Dr. Daniel Cha 
Executive Vice President : Dr.Gi S.Choi 
Academic Dean: Dr. Johnpaul S. Shim
Director of Admissions: Can. Dr. Chang Jong Lee
Director of Library: Dr. Vincent Roland
Director of Ministries: Dr. Paul Mueller 
Director of Counseling: Dr. Arlene C. White
Director of Student Affairs: Can.Dr. Ki Hawn Kim 


Dr. Emanuel Nasir Ph. D. Practical Theology
Dr. Louis Nowasielski Th. D. Systematic Theology
Dr. Skip L’Heureux D. Min. New Testament
Dr. Nicolascus Pavel D.R.E. World Missions
Dr. Esther Barket Th. D. New Testament
Dr. Standley Jenkins D.Miss. World Missions
Dr. Dirk M. Lesnett Th. D. Old Testament
Dr. Phil Kim Th. D. Christian Philosophy
Dr. Teren ce Flanagan D.C.E. Practical Theology
Dr. Daniel Cha Th. D. Greek Language
Dr. Gi S. Choi Th. D. Church History
Dr. John Yun D.Min Hermeneutics
Dr. Curtis Smith Ph. D. Hermeneutics
Dr. Robert DeLuke Ph. D. Systematic Theology
Dr. Bob Brennan D.R.E. Homiletic Theology
Dr. Lauren Logan D.C.E. Christian Counseling
Dr. Jason Park D.C.E. Christian Education
Dr. Randolph Austin Th. D. Multi-cultural Theory
Dr. Robert Dickson D. Min. Christian Culture
Dr. Gilda Price Th. D. World Mission
Dr. Johnpaul S. Shim Th. D. Systematic Theology
Dr. Robert N. Scott D.C.E. Christian Education
Dr. Robert Henderson Th. D. Counseling and Psychology
Dr. Robert Williams Th. D. Librarian
Dr. Wal S. Ro Th. D. Hebrew Language
Can.Dr. Chang Jong Lee, Can.Th.D. Hermaneutics
Can.Dr. Ki Hwan Kim, Th.D. Church Music