Giving to Utsus : We welcome your investment in the ministry of UTSUS.

We are daily dependent on the support of the Lord's people to provide for the theological training of our men. Mindful of the spiritual truth that we reap what we sow, we believe an investment in the life of UTSUS students will yield tremendous dividends as they are used of the Lord to win people to Christ. It is very likely that the live s of your children or grandchildren will at sometime be touched by the ministry of a UTSUS graduate. 

UTSUS seeks to be a resource for the sound theology needed by our students to be well equipped for practical ministry. They have willing and eager hearts . But tuition alone does not cover all the costs of education, and your prayerful financial contributions are needed to meet the challenge of preparing students for service. (We are waiting for our tax id before accepting gifts, we are hopeful that this will be availible soon)