Doctor of Theology, Doctor of Theology Emphases : An academic degree of high respect, the Doctor of Theology degreere presents a major commitment to education. With 64 units required beyond the Th. M., the student who pursues a doctorate in theology will after his studies have a firm grasp of the field.

Admission Requirements : All applicants must have maintained academic excellence throughout their Master of Divinity and Master of Theology courses of study. Profici ency in the ancient biblical languages will be tested if the applicant is not a  graduate of Uts Theological Seminary.

Course Requirements : With the advice of a faculty member, the student will select courses from throughout the various theological disciplines. A total of 30 of these hours are to be in the Department of Theology, including the thesis (minimum of 200 pages). Candidates for this degree should submit two theses from two concentrated study fields; one major field and one minor field.

There are 192 Course Credits plus Ministry Credits required to earn the Doctorate Degree. Transfer Credits in Theology, Humanities and other related subjects from other colleges may be used along with Leadership Seminars to fulfill some of the requirements in each degree program.

Credits transferred must be comparable subjects to those required and offered by the Uts Requirements for any degree must be approved by the Academic Dean.

Please Note: A minimum of 6 courses must be taken through Uts to earn the Doctorate Degree.

A 45,000 word thesis or study syllabus will be required for this program, and will earn 9 hours of the required course credits. Your written work must be built from a bibliography of at least 10 reference books, which will include a minimum of 7 books to be read in their entirety.

Biblical Studies [Course Requirements]
Christian Counseling [Course Requirements]
Pastoral Ministry [Course Requirements]
Christian Education/Administration [Course Requirements]
Ministry - For Students With a M.Div. [Course Requirements]
Ministry - For Students Without a M.Div. [Course Requirements]
Theology [Course Requirements]