Bachelor of Theology, 128  B. Th. 
Master of Sacred Music, 64 M.S.M. 
Master of Christian Education, 64  M.C.E. 
Master of Divinity, 98 M. Div. 
Master of Theology, 64 Th.  M. 
Doctor of Ministry, 64 D. Min. 
Doctor of Sacred Music, 64 D.S.M. 
Doctor of  Missiology, 64 D. Miss. 
Doctor of Christian Education, 64 D.C.E. 
Doctor of Theology, 64  Th. D.
*Honorary Degrees will be granted occasionally upon the recommendation of the graduation committee and by the decision of the Board of
Trustees. Rules and guidelines of this degree will be prepared by the Board of Trustees. 
Nondiscrimination Policy : United Theological Seminary  admits  students of any race, color, gender or national ethnic origin to all the  rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded to students at the UTS.  United Theological Seminary’s policies governing the admission of students relate to its mission  statement, but are not applied a diverse student body in terms of race, color, gender, disability or national or ethnic origin.                        
BACHELOR OF THEOLOGY, (Major in Religion, Divinity, Christian Education, Christian Psychology and Sacred Music)

Bachelor of Theology Emphases : United Theological Seminary committed to equipping the saints for the work of the ministry. Accordingly, the Bachelor of Theology degree programs geared to providing  solid, biblical training for those inter ested in lay church work or lay missionary work. An excellent program for the church Bible teacher, the degree program introduces the student to t he various disciplines of seminary study. 
Admission Requirements : Since the course work is college-level, students must have a high school diploma and meet the general admission requirements. 
Course Requirements : In order to receive the Bachelor of Theology degree, transcripts of regular college work showing 120 hours of approved course work must be produced. The Bachelor of Theology program is a one-year supplement tothe basic college education. Students who have not received a Bachelor of Arts degree or its equivalent may still complete the year if training in this program, but will not receive their diploma until it has been verified that 128 hours have been completed. The thesis is to be at least 100 pages. 
These courses are required for the B.Th. degree: 
Fall Semester:              Units
OT301 Old Test. Survey, 2
EN  301  English Writing, 2
CH 401 Church History Highlights, 2
PT  301  Homiletic Theory, 2
LA  401  Introduction to Greek, 2
TH 301  Christian Theology I, 2
CC  301  Introduction to Christian Philosophy, 2
CE  302   Christian Education Survey, 2
Total   16
Spring Semester:         Units
NT 402 New Test. Survey, 2
EN 302  Expository Writing, 2
CE 402 Intro. to Christian Education, 2
MI  301 Personal Evangelism, 2
LA 402  Elementary Greek, 2
TH 302  Christian Theology II, 2
OT 301 Old Testament Survey, 2
Ch 301  Church History Survey, 2
Total  16
Relationship to Master of Divinity Degree Program :  If the Bachelor of Theology student decides to pursue his education by earning the M.Div., he will be at a distinct advantage over other entrants.
The Greek requirement for entrance will have been met, and he will have been introduced to the broad spectrum of theological studies and interests.
Bachelor of Theology students may enroll in other seminary coursesoutside of the degree program, but the courses listed above must betaken to receive the diploma. Advanced credit for other degree programsmay be arranged with the professor for courses taken in the 500 (orabove) series, provided that all the requirements for a master's degree have been satisfied for that class.
Master of Arts Emphases : With the Master of Arts concentration in Christian education you will gain a comprehensive knowledge of the field of Christian education which is research-oriented and aimed at equipping you to do your own significant research in this area. This concentration may also be professionally oriented as you work with your faculty advisor to tailor a course of study for your vocational needs.
Admission Requirements : Transcripts proving that the student has attained a Bachelor of Arts Degree or its equivalent. All other entrance requirements are to be met.
Course Requirements : A Master of Arts degree may be obtained in Biblical Literature (coursestaken from the Old Testament and New Testament Departments), ChurchHistory, and Missiology.
The Student must declare his intended major at the outset of the program, and must complete 18 hours in that major field. The remainder of thecourses will come from general required classes and electives from otherdepartments. The thesis is to be at least 150 pages.
These courses are  the first year required course for the M.A. degree:
Fall Semester:                             Units
OT302 Old Testament Introduction, 3
TH 403 Intro. to Systematic Theology, 3
TH 407 Christian Apologetics, 2
Electives in Major*, 8
Total  16
*Each department will have a recommended set of courses for their major.
Spring Semester:
NT 404 New Testament Introduction, 3
CH 603 Contemporary Cults and Education, 3
Electives in Major, 8
Other Elective, 2
Total  16
Each department will have a recommended set of courses for their major.
Master of Divinity Emphases : As part of the Master of Divinity curriculum, there are several emphases available to help prepare you for specialized areas of ministry. In the admissions process, you will indicate whether you wish to enroll in the regular program or choose one of the following emphases: Apologetics, Bioethics, Christian Education, Church Planting, Ethics, Evangelism, Mission, Pastoral Counseling, and Urban Ministry.
Course Requirements : All students will be tested in propaedeutic Greek for placement in aGreek class. Students who fail the exam will be asked to take LA 401and LA 402 (6hours of beginning Greek) in addition to the 98 hours ofclasses. It is recommended that the class be taken in the summer before entrance in the fall semester. Courses are divided between a Junior, aMiddler, and a Senior year. However, the difficulty of the class may only be measured by the subject matter, not by the year in which it is offered.
The thesis is to be at least 150 pages.
Curriculum for M.Div. degree:
Additional Requirement : The additional requirements for the Master of Divinity program are flexible, so as to meet your needs if you desire breadth in your electives, or you may wish to pursue a particular emphasis as described below:
Limited Elective: one course is required in either Christian Education or Pastoral Counseling and Psychology – 3 hours, Free Elective: - 22 to 23 hours.
The Master of Divinity Curriculum
Junior Year
Fall Semester:              Units
LA  501 Greek Grammar, 3
OT302 Introduction to the O.T., 3
NT 501 Gospels, 3
CH402 Early Church History, 3
CE 501 Christian Ed. In a local church, 3
OT307 Minor Prophets*, 2
Total 17
Spring Semester:        Units
LA 502 Greek Exegesis, 3
NT 404 New Testament Introduction, 3
CH404 Modern Church History, 3
MI  302 Missions and Evangelism, 2
TH  404 Systematic Theology I, 3
CE 405 Philosophy of Christian Education, 3
Total 17
Middler Year      Units
Fall Semester:
LA  509 Elementary Hebrew, 3
NT 504Romans, 3
PT  303 Sermon Preparation and Delivery I, 2
TH  405 systematic Theology II, 3
Elective, 5
Total 16
Spring Semester:             Units
LA  510 Advanced Hebrew, 3
NT 503 Acts, 3
PT  304 Sermon Preparation and Delivery II, 3               
TH  406 Systematic Theology III, 3
Elective, 3
Total 15
Senior Year
Fall Semester:        Units
LA  502Greek Exegesis, 3
OT504 Exegesis of Daniel, 3
OT601 Biblical Archaeology, 3
CH506 History of Doctrine, 2
TH 407Christian Apologetics, 2
PT 501 Pastoral Ministry and Theology, 3
Total 17                                 
Spring Semester:            Units
NT 513 Exegesis Revelation, 3
CH603 Contemporary Cults and Education, 3
PT 502  Fundamentals of Pastoral Counseling, 3
PT 5078Church Administration, 3
PT 603 Field Experience, 3
Total 15
*Any three unit course in an Old Testament Book study would meet thisrequirement.
Master of Theology Emphases : The master of Theology degree provides a basis for further graduatestudies leading to more advanced degree such as the Doctor ofTheology. A thesis is required of all students, and due to the difficulty ofthe classes a minimum of three semesters will be needed to complete the degree.
Admission Requirements : Students must hold the M.Div. degree prior to entry into the program.
Only those applicants with high academic standing who have not graduatedfrom United Seminary will be required to take a proficiency test in theoriginal languages of Scripture.
Course Requirements : The minimum requirement for the degree includes the completion of 24hours in either Biblical Exegesis (course numbered in the 500's in bothOld and New Testament departments); Theology; or practical theology.
Three of those units are devoted to the production of a thesis. Theremaining twelve units may be taken from other departments under theadvice of the faculty supervisor. Additional assignments will be given ineach of the courses to insure that they are on the level of this degree.
The student will be assigned to a faculty advisor, who will aid in thedevelopment of a schedule of classes.
Master of Christian Education Emphases : The mission of the School of Christian Education is to develop Christian leaders for age-appropriate discipleship ministries. Our programs in Christian education offer training in family life education, all phases of church education programming, Christian camping, specialized youth ministries, campus ministries, Christian higher education, educational media and materials, Christian journalism, counseling, curriculum and instructional methodology, and research in Christian education.
Course Requirements : Christian Education master’s level courses utilize a numbering system where the middle digit of the course number normally digit of the course number normally indicates a classification area as follows: Foundation Research, Research, Organization and Administration, Teaching, Specialized Ministry, Practicum or Internship.

Master of Arts in Sacred Music Emphases : Martin Luther believed that music was a powerful tool of evangelism and of worship. The Bible is replete with poetry that the ancient Hebrews setto music. It is no wonder that the Apostle Paul gave us these words:"Speaking to oneanother in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord" (Eph. 5:19)
Accordingly, Cohen Seminary believes that a degree in sacred music iswithin the scope of advanced theological studies. A total of 36 hors isrequired to complete this degree, which will equip the student for a ministry of music in the local church of Christian school.
Admission Requirements : A background in music and a proficiency in voice or instrument must bedemonstrated prior to admission into this program. Only students with aBachelor of Arts degree or its equivalent will be eligible to receive credit ata master's degree level.
Course Requirements : A total of 24 units in the Music Department must be completed. Two ofthese units must be taken in MU 703. Certain general courses are alsorequired to balance the theological perspective of the major.
A one-year schedule would follow this pattern:
Fall Semester:                            Units
OT302 Old Testament Introduction, 3
TH 303 Intro. to Systematic Theology, 3
MI 402 Missions and Evangelism, 3
Electives in Music*, 9
Total 18
Spring Semester:                           Units
NT 503 New Testament Introduction, 3
MU 603 Recital, 2
Electives in Music*, 13
Total 18
*The student will select certain courses that are required of music majors,depending on their needs and aptitudes.

Doctor of Ministry Emphases : Inasmuch as the Doctor of Ministry degree denotes terminal trainingenhancing one's demonstrated Christian leadership abilities, candidatesmust be prepared to clearly evidence more than merely a cognitive graspof lecture and textual material. Practical usage of this training results in aconsummate biblical communicator, a productive Christian ministry, and anadept apologist for the Christian faith. A total of 54 units are required, ofwhich three are devoted to the production of a thesis in the PracticalTheology department.
Admission Requirements : Ministers holding the M.Div. degree from an approved institution mayapply for this advanced program. Knowledge of the original Biblicallanguage is a course prerequisite, and will be demonstrated by anentrance examination. The applicant must also substantiate that he hascompleted at least five years in the full-time pastorate prior to entrance into the program.
Course Requirements : A faculty advisor will assist the student in the selection of a broad rangeof classes that will enhance the pastor's abilities in exegesis, knowledge of the history of the church, theological concerns, advances in Christianeducation, music, and missions. A minimum of 24 hours must becompleted in the field of Practical Theology, including the thesis (minimum of 200 pages).
Doctor of Sacred Music Emphases : A terminal degree in the field of sacred music is a worthy goal of all whohave been blessed with musical talent, and want to share that talent in theservice of the Lord. The courses in this program are designed to fine tunethat talent in a way that will be glorifying to God. A total of 48 units ofstudy are required for this degree, including two units in recital (MU 8090)and four units for the production of a written thesis.
Admission Requirements : Music professionals holding the M.S.M. degree from an approvedinstitution or its equivalent may apply for this advanced program. Theapplicant must also substantiate that he has completed at least five yearsin the local church or school music ministry prior to entrance into the program.
Course Requirements : A faculty advisor will assist the student in the selection of those classesthat will broaden his musical talents. A minimum of 40 hours of coursework in the field of music must be completed, with the remaining 8 hourscoming from other theological disciplines. The recital and thesis areincluded in the 40 hours. The thesis is to be at least 200 pages.
Doctor of Missiology Emphases : A terminal degree in the field of missions is a capstone ofaccomplishment for the missionary who has dedicated his life to service onthe mission field. This worthy calling deserves to be supported by classesthat will enhance one's talents in missions. The Doctor of  Missiology degree will meet this goal. A total of 60 units are required for this degree.
Admission Requirements : Missionaries who have been served at least one-term (4 years) in across-cultural or church planting ministry are eligible to enroll in thedoctoral program, provided that they have attained a Master of Divinitydegree from an approved institution.
Course Requirements : A faculty advisor will assist the student in the selection of those classesthat will develop his missionary skills to the fullest. Of the total number of units, 40 must be from the Department of  Missiology, including the thesis(of no less than 200 pages). The remaining 20 hours will come from the  other theological disciplines. Additional work will be assigned in each
course to be at a doctoral level.
Doctor of Christian Education Emphases : A terminal degree for the Christian education professional who wishes toadvance his abilities in the theory and practice of his field of work. A totalof 60 units are to be completed during the term of study.
Admission Requirements : Christian education professionals holding a Master's in Christian Educationor its equivalent will be admitted to the program. The applicant must alsosubstantiate that he has completed at least five years in an occupationdirectly related to Christian education.
Course Requirements : With the assistance of a faculty advisor, the student will select aminimum of 40 hours of course work in the fields of Christian Educationand Practical Theology, with the remaining 20 hours coming from othertheological disciplines. The thesis (of a minimum of 200 pages) is included in the 40 hours.
Doctor of Theology Emphases : An academic degree of high respect, the Doctor of Theology degreerepresents a major commitment to education. With 64 units requiredbeyond the Th. M., the student who pursues a doctorate in theology willafter his studies have a firm grasp of the field.
Admission Requirements : All applicants must have maintained academic excellence throughout theirMaster of Divinity and Master of Theology courses of study. Proficiency inthe ancient biblical languages will be tested if the applicant is not a  graduate of Cohen Theological Seminary. Because of the scholarly natureof this degree program, entrants must be able to read in German, anddemonstrate such through an examination. A course in theological Germanis required for Th.D candidates.
Course Requirements : With the advice of a faculty member, the student will select courses fromthroughout the various theological disciplines. A total of 30 of these hoursare to be in the Department of Theology, including the thesis (minimum of 200 pages). Ancient languages as well as theological German will bestressed in this degree program.Candidates for this degree should submit two theses from two concentratedstudy fields; one major field and one minor field.