The framework of our curriculum is the “knowledge of God as Creator and Savior” and what this means to and within the individual in everything they think and do.

The primary goal within the framework can be summed up with three verses in the Holy Bible, Luke 4:18 and James 2:15-16. This means that while academics are stressed, students are continually guided to apply their knowledge through activities which benefit others, whether it be in their Church, community or elsewhere. Every endeavor is taken to broaden students’ awareness of “the world we live in” so knowledge can be utilized with a basis of understanding and wisdom.

All UTS programs are based on United Puritan Crusaded, Inc teachings. All degree programs must be completed within 2-7 years of enrollment, depending on whether the degree is on the undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate level. A copy of the student’s official transcripts from other institutions of learn ing along with evidence of the student’s life experience in the ministry should accompany a student’s enrollment. Every application will be given merit based on the individual’s level of training and life experience.