While traditionally Hebrew is assigned to the Old Testament Departmentand Greek to the New Testament department, all courses in whichlanguage is the chief purpose are grouped in the language ArtsDepartment.


LA 401 Introduction to Greek (2)

A college level Greek class using Machen's text provides the basics ofhe Greek language for the Bachelor of Theology student. Students who have not taken LA 401 an LA 402 upon entry into the Master's programmust take this course if they cannot pass a competency test in Elementary



LA 402 Elementary Greek (2)

The complementary second semester to LA 401. Focus is on acquiringGreek vocabulary and grammar in order that translation may be completed in I John.


LA 403 Theological English I (2)

A study of a selected Book in the English Bible designed to increase andfacilitate the student's understanding of English. The course may berepeated for credit.


LA 404 Theological English II (2)

A continuation of LA 411. The course may be repeated for credit.


 LA 501 Greek Grammar  (3)

Greek vocabulary, confidence in translation, and important matters in  Greek grammar highlights this semester course. Prerequisite: passing theGreek Proficiency Exam or completion of LA 410 and LA 402.


LA 502 Greek Exegesis (3)

Exegesis methodologies are applied to certain passages in FirstThessalonians, James, and Colossians. Prerequisite: LA 501


LA 504 Advanced Greek Grammar 3)

Inductive studies in Greek grammar are facilitated by a verse by verseanalysis of a selected New Testament book. Prerequisite: LA 502


LA 505 Rapid Greek Reading (3)

Skills in grammar and reading of the original Greek are gained throughthis study of selected New Testament texts. Prerequisite: LA 502


LA 506 Introduction to the Septuagint (2)

A study of the LXX, including its history and transmission; the significanceof the LXX for the study of language and though of the New Testament.


LA 507Readings in the Septuagint (2)

Selected readings from the LXX with special attention to vocabulary.


LA 508Readings in the Apostolic Fathers (2)

Selected readings from the writings of the Apostolic Fathers, with specialattention to vocabulary and syntax. Prerequisite: LA 601 and 602


LA 509 Elementary Hebrew (3)

An introduction to biblical Hebrew designed to provide the student with abasic vocabulary and an understanding of Hebrew grammar.


LA 510 Advanced Hebrew (3)

Emphasis on increasing vocabulary and reading ability in the Hebrewlanguage with selected portions in Genesis read from the original.Prerequisite: LA 606


LA 511 Hebrew Exegesis(3)

Application of exegetical methods to the study of selected doctrinal and practical passages in the Hebrew text of the prophets with emphasis on translation, identification of grammatical forms, analysis of syntactical constructions, and preparation of the passage for preaching and teaching


LA 512 Hebrew Reading Skills (3)

Guided reading in selected passages to develop facility with Hebrew vocabulary and modes of expression and to provide continuous review of morphology and phonology.


LA 513 English Bible: (Book Title) (3)

Demonstration of inductive Bible study method and treatment of the special teaching of a particular book or books of the New Testament based on the English text.


LA 601 Advanced Textual Criticism of the Greek New Testament (3)

Course included working with photocopies of actual papyrus and uncialmanuscripts. Prerequisite: LA 601, and NT 503


LA 602 Hebrew Exegesis (2)

Emphasis on the techniques involved in the use of language tools,procedures in lexical word studies, and examination of grammatical andsyntactical disciplines in Hebrew. Prerequisite: LA 507


LA 603 Biblical Aramaic (3)

With readings in the Aramaic portions of the Old Testament, this courseintroduces Aramaic language and literature. Prerequisite: LA 606 and 607


LA 604 Introduction to Syriac (3)

Syriac dialects are discussed in this continuation of Biblical Aramaic.


LA 605 Theological German (2)

Prescribed for Doctor of Theology candidates. This course reviews theGerman language in order that the student may show proficiency inreading German theological writings. Basic German must be learned inadvance of this course.


LA 606 Advanced Greek Exegesis (3)

Intensive exegetical study of a selected book(Usually Acts, II Corinthians, the Pastoral Epistles, or Hebrews) or series of texts, evaluating the methods and conclusions of representative commentaries in light of recent studies in grammar and textual criticism. Prerequisite: LA 504


LA 607 Rapid Reading in Greek (3)

Guided reading in passages selected according to the needs of the student with periodic consultation with supervising instructor. Prerequisite: LA 505


LA 608 Directed Study in Language (2)

This course affords the student the opportunity to pursue studies inAkkadian, Ugaritic, Coptic, Arabi c, or Latin. Prerequisite: LA 604