The alphabetic components of each course indicates the department under

which the course is taught.


EN English

CC Christian Culture

CO Counseling

LA Language Arts

(All courses that specifically teach language)

OT Old Testament

NT New Testament

CH Church History

TH Theology

PT Practical Theology and Ministry

CE Christian Education

MU Sacred Music

MI World Missions and Evangelism(Missiology)


The numbering system is based on the Master of Divinity program of threeyears, and the first digit indicates the year in which a course should betaken. Thus, a "3" indicates a Junior year course, a "4" indicates aMiddler year course, and "5" indicates a Senior year course. Coursesfor the Bachelor of Theology degree begin with a "3", and extra work mustbe assigned by the professor for any of those courses to be credited tothe Master's Degree program. An "6" in the initial position indicates thatthe course may only be taken by a doctoral student. Doctoral studentsmay take courses in the Master's program provided that they are givensignificant amounts of extra work by the professor. The degree of difficultyof the course is not indicated by the number , but a sequence and logicalorder may be seen in the entire numbering system. Courses ending in oddnumbers are normally offered in the Fall Semester, while courses ending in  an even number may be expected to be offered in the Spring.The number in parentheses following the course name is the totalsemester units to be awarded for that class.