1. Entrance Requirements

#. A completed application on a form supplied by the seminary
#. A two-hundred word statement of the student's faith and purpose
#. A recent photograph of the student
#. A non-refundable $50 application fee
#. A full academic transcript of the student's college work
#. Two letters of reference certifying to the applicant's character and spiritual experience. One of these letters should be from a pastor, and the other form a school professor. 

2. Admissions Policy

#. No student will be refused admission on the basis or race, color, sex, or nation of origin. United Theological Seminary welcomes all to its multi-cultural setting.
#. All applications must be submitted at least one week prior to the beginning of the semester.

#. Transfer students from other schools must meet the same entrance requirements as beginning students.                       


3. Nondiscrimination Policy

 United Theological Seminary  admits  students of any race, color, gender or national ethnic origin to all the  rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded to students at the UTS.  United Theological Seminary’s policies governing the admission of students relate to its mission  statement, but are not applied a diverse student body in terms of race, color, gender, disability or national or ethnic origin.


4. Attendance Policy

#. Class attendance is expected and strongly encouraged.
#. Absences that exceed 25% of the total class periods will result in an automatic failure for that class. 

5. System of Grading

Grade points are based on the letter grade given, and are assigned as follows:  

A, Superior (94.5-100) = A
B, Good (91.5-94) = A- 

C, Average (88.5-91)=B+

D, Poor (85.5-88)=B

F, Faiilure (82.5-88)=B-

I, Incomplte(79.5-82)=C+

V, Audit(76.5-79)=C

WP, Withrawn Passing(73.5-76)=C_

WF, Withrawn Failing(70.5-73=D

Below 70.5=F 


"A" denotes excellent achievement and mastery of the course objectives 

"B" denotes a commendable effort based on good work throughout the course

"C" denotes a satisfactory achievement level of the course objectives

"D" denotes a below average level of achievement that is marked by minimal attainment of the course objectives

"F" denotes failure of the course objectives

"I" Incomplte

"V" Audit

"WP" Withrawn Passing

"WF" Withrawn Failing 


A-  (87ST%-93%)   = 3.7 grade points

B+ (87%-89%)   = 3.3 grade points

B   (84%-86%)   = 3.0 grade points

B-  (80%-83%)   = 2.7 grade points

C+ (77%79%)    = 2.3 grade points

C   (74%-76%)   = 2.0 grade points

C-  (70%-73%)   = 1.7 grade points

D+ (67%-69%)   = 1.3 grade points

D   (64%-66%)   = 1.0 grade points

D- (60%-63%)   = 0.7 grade points

F   (00%-59%)   = 0.0 grade points


The B.Th. student should receive at least a "C-", while Masters and Doctoral degree students should receive at least a "B-", in order to pass the course.
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6. Requirements for Graduation

#. The student must check with the Registrar to ensure that all course work for the degree has been completed.

#. The thesis must be presented and defended before a faculty committee in accordance with dates specified in this catalog and by the faculty advisor.

#. All financial obligations must be met prior to graduation. 

#. The student must demonstrate a testimony that is consistent with the standards of the school in order to receive a diploma. Evidence should be presented of time spent working in local churches or missions while in attendance at the school.