2015 Academic Year(Fall Semester)

Bachelor of Theology

MI 304 Biblical Method of Missions
EN 302 Expository Writing
OT 306 Survey of the Hebrew Prophets
LA 401 Introduction to Greek
CH 302 Early Church History Survey
TH 304 Christian Doctrine II
PT 305 Current Studies in Homiletics
CC 301 Introduction to Christian Philosophy

Master of Divinity

LA 509 Elementary Hebrew
NT 504 Romans
TH 405 Systematic Theology II
CH 407 Luther's Thoughts
CE 402 Educational Ministry of the Church

Master of Theology

CC 607 Oriental Philosophy
OT 413 Exegesis in Hebrew: Job
CH 507 History of the Doctrine of the Atonement
TH 601 Multicultural Theology
TH 509 Models of Sanctification

Doctor of Theology

CC 609 Philosophers of Religious Significance
OT 607 Exegesis of Kingship in the Psalms
CH 611 Directed Study in Church History
TH 607 The Bible in the Modern World
TH 608 Advanced Theological Prolegomena